Attractions in London

One of the most culturally rich cities in the world is London! There is a good mix of history and cosmopolitan culture, which means there is absolutely something for everyone. Whether you are looking to learn more about the British monarchy or shop in some of the finest boutiques in the world, London will not disappoint. Below are some of the highlights.

Eye of London
Built in honor of the millennial year, the Eye of London is an oversized ferris wheel that gives its patrons a 360 degree view of all that London has to offer. Situated right along the River Thames, the Eye of London boasts some of the best real estate in the entire United Kingdom. From the capsules, viewers can see all down the Thames to the Tower of London and beyond. The Eye can take you higher than some of the other attractions in the city, and is well worth the ticket fee and the sometimes long queues.

Westminster Abbey, Big Ben & The Houses of Parliament
Situated across the Thames from the Eye of London, the Houses of Parliament and Big Ben can be found. Each of these is a wonder of modern architecture and a sight to behold. The Houses of Parliament are where the British government meets. Big Ben, a large clock, is as historic as it is beautiful and well worth the visit. Just beyond these two attractions is Westminster Abbey, where the funerals of many dignitaries are held, including many British icons.

Buckingham Palace
To catch a glimpse of royalty, or at least the soldiers who guard royalty, head over to Buckingham Palace. Each morning at 11 am local time, visitors can watch the famous changing of the guards ceremony, during which the guards, dressed in the iconic Red uniforms and black hats, march in front of the palace and one set replaces another. There is a lot of fanfare and it is very symbolic of the protection of royalty.

Covent Garden
To experience some of the best shopping in London, head over to the Covent Garden district. There, you will find an indoor-outdoor market that boasts artisans, photographers, and creative minds all creating goods that can be purchased by patrons at great deals. There are also some of the finest shops and boutiques in this area. If you are looking for some fine British goods, Covent Garden is your place!

As you can see, there are a lot of great things about London worth visiting. Head over now and you will surely enjoy yourself! Happy Travels!

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